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The Alert WildCard Menu Functions

The File Menu:

    Save Search: Allows you to save all current search settings to disk so you can load and re-use them later.

    Load Search: Loads in saved search settings, replacing any current settings you may have.

    Exit: Terminates the program.

The Edit Menu:

    Cut: Saves to the Windows clipboard any text you have highlighted in the "Target Text To Search For" or "Replace With" text boxes, then deletes the text.

    Copy: Copies highlighted text to the Windows clipboard.

    Paste: Pastes text from the Windows clipboard into either the "Target Text To Search For" or "Replace With" text box. Text is inserted at the current cursor position.

    Clear Search Fields: Clears only the contents of the "Target Text To Search For" and "Replace With" text boxes.

    New Search: Clears the "Target Text To Search For" and "Replace With" text boxes, and resets all setting controls to their default setting.

    FTP Settings Dialog: Displays the FTP Setting window. Information you enter here is used by the Upload Manager to connect and upload modified files to your Web site.

The Tools Menu:

    Alert META Tag Publisher: The META-Publisher allows you to easily manage your site's search engine META Tags. Click here to display the META Publisher help page.

    Backup Manager: Displays the Backup Manager window where you can view or select backup jobs for restoring modified files.

    Upload Manager (Alert WildCard Professional Only): Displays the Upload Manager which you can use to upload modified files directly to your Web site.

    WildCard Express Wizard: Displays the Express Wizard window which contains common search setup configurations.

    Express Wizard Tools: Direct shortcut access to the Express Wizard functions.


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