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The Importance Of Backing Up Your Files:

    Care is essential in using any Search & Replace program, so we've built checks and counter checks into Alert WildCard to make it as friendly as possible.

    Most useful in protecting your files is The Backup Manager.

    A Backup Job is created for each Search & Replace you perform. All of the settings are saved as part of the job, and all files that were modified are copied to a mirror folder in the Alert WildCard folder before the modifications take place.

    The Backup Manager window is shown below:

    The Backup Manager will store up to 10 backup jobs. Then old jobs will have to be deleted in order to make room for new ones. This limitation is there because backup jobs require a great deal of hard drive space in order to mirror your files and folders.

The Backup Manager Controls:

  • Backup Jobs List: This list displays up to 10 backup jobs that are created when you perform a Search & Replace operation. To select a job click on the job in this list.

  • Delete Job Button: Clicking this button will cause the selected job in the Jobs List to be deleted, along with all of the mirror files and folders created when the job was created.

  • Delete All Jobs Button: Clicking this button will delete all jobs currently displayed in the Jobs List, along with all backed up files and folders for those jobs.

  • Backup Information: This box displays the date and time that the selected job in the Jobs List was created, as well as the Root Folder for the Search & Replace this job backed up.

  • List of Modified Files: Lists all of the files that were modified during the Search & Replace that created the selected job.

  • Job Details Button: Clicking this button will display the Details Window along with all the details of the selected Job. All settings you see are saved for later viewing when you perform a Search & Replace.

  • Restore All Files Button: Clicking this button will cause Alert WildCard to restore all files that were modified by the Search & Replace action that created the currently selected backup job.

  • Restore Selected Files Only Button: Same as above, but only the files you've selected in List Of Modified Files will be restored. You can select more than one file by holding down the CTRL key while you click on the file names with your mouse.


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