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Setting Up For A Search

The Alert WildCard Main Window:

    All of Alert WildCard's settings are accessed from the Main Window to make searching as convenient as possible. The Main Window is shown below:

Selecting A Root Folder and File Type for searching:

    Select Drive and Folder: To begin a search, first select the drive and folder where the files you wish to change reside:

    Specify Search File Type: Here you'll also select the file type that Alert WildCard should perform the search and replace on. Several file types are available from the drop down box under "Search For Files of Type".

    You can also enter your own file extension in this box, or enter a complete file name if you only want to search on a single file.

Setting Search and Replace Options:

    Your search options and settings are shown below:

  • Include Subfolders: If this option is checked, the program will search the files in the "Root Folder" you selected and all subfolders off of that folder. You can tell Alert WildCard to ignore certain subfolders and certain files, see "Exclusions" below.

  • Match Case: Use this option to force WildCard to only find a match for text that is capitalized as you have entered it in the "Target Text To Search For" box.

  • Backup Modified Files: If this option is checked when Alert WildCard performs a search, all files that are modified during the search will be backed up prior to modification. We strongly recommend always checking this option when you search. It allows you to easily restore files to their previous state using the Backup Manager.

  • Wildcard Character: Use this drop-down box to select a wildcard character or enter one yourself. You can also select "None" to force an exact match style search.

  • Use Upload Manager: Searching with this option selected will log all file name of files that were modified during a search to the Upload Manager. You can then easily upload only the modified files to your Web site.

  • Search To Edit Only: Check this box if you are searching for target strings to edit by hand. The text "<Editing Only>" will appear in the Replacement Text box and the "Replace All" button will be disabled. Now when Alert WildCard finds an occurrence of your Target string, you will be able to edit the string in the Confirmation Window.

Excluding Files, Folders, and Text from Searches:

    When performing a search and replace there may be files, folders, or in the case of a wildcard search, text that you want the program to ignore.

    To exclude a file or folder, use the "Excluding File/Folder Names Containing the Strings:" list box.

    For example, to exclude a subfolder called "ordering" from your search, enter "\ordering" in the text box and click the "Add" button. To exclude a file called "download.htm" from the search, enter "download.htm" and click "Add" - as shown below:

    During a wildcard search you may want to exclude certain text that appears between the two text elements around the wildcard character. To accomplish this, enter the text you want Alert WildCard to ignore under the "Exclude Target Search Strings Containing" list, and click "Add".

    [NOTE: The exclusion process looks for the existence of the exclusion text within the target text (or within a path or file name in the case of excluding folders & files). That means that if you add the text "ing" to an exclusion list, all files, folders, and text that have the character grouping "ing" in them will be ignored.]


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