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Alert WildCard v2 Manual

Important: Remember, Alert WildCard gives you the power to modify files throughout your Web site on your disk drive. Be sure to think your search through carefully to avoid unwanted results. Use the Backup Manager on your searches, and also backup files as you normally do.

The Program's Wildcard Feature:

  • Using a wildcard character in the "Target Text To Search For" box allows you to find any text that appears between two other text elements in the Target file.

    For example, if you search on "<TITLE>*</TITLE>", where the "*" (asterisk) character is selected as wildcard: The program will search for all TITLE tags in your Web documents, allowing you to replace them all at once, or allowing you to enter a unique Title for each page when you use the "Search to Edit Only" option with "Replace With Confirmation" button.

  • Using a wildcard character in the "Replace With" box will allow you to replace or add to Target text that appears between two other text elements while keeping original Target text intact.

    For example, if the Target text you search on is "<TITLE>*</TITLE>", and the Replacement text you enter is <TITLE>Example *</TITLE>", the result will be that the text already existing in each Title tag found will remain as it was, but the word "Example " will be inserted at the beginning of that Title text.


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