Alert Bookmarks Screen Shots

Alert Bookmarks Screen Shots:

Alert Bookmarks Group Menus drop down when you need them. Otherwise the toolbar remains retracted and out of your way. Scrolling Bookmark Menus provide plenty of storage space.

Alert Bookmarks in Rainforest Green, showing the new Bookmark Editor. Alert lets you organize bookmarks using simple Drag & Drop or cut & paste... just highlight the bookmarks you want to move and move them. You can use Alert to store Web site addresses, email addresses, and AOL keywords. You can even launch Windows programs from Alert Bookmarks.


The Bookbar Control Panel (shown in Slate Blue) lets you access your Bookmark Toolbars quickly and efficiently. Rename, create, & delete entire toolbars, or Export them in several formats to share with associates or friends. You can even upload your bookmarks to the Web so that you can access them anywhere.


Since Alert Bookmarks lets you fill up to 300 Toolbars with Group Menus full of bookmarks, the program provides a powerful and fast Search Function. Search on bookmark names, URLs, or your comments on each bookmark. You can also locate and delete duplicate bookmarks.


Select bookmarks and 'Browse' them consecutively with this handy window. Edit Bookmarks as you visit each Web page.


Use the Bookmark Palette (shown in Solar Gold) to import, export, collate, sort, and copy bookmarks. Save them as Web pages or copy them to the Windows Clipboard. New cut & paste insertion makes the Palette much more effective.

Alert Bookmarks has many more features to make saving, visiting, and organizing your favorite Web sites easy and effortless. The program's huge capacity and ease of access means you'll find your way around your Internet faster than ever before.

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