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Managing The User Database and Denying Access:

    NOTE: The user database section applies to Private message boards only.

To access the User Database and Deny Access functions, click on User Management from the Management Control Panel.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting User Records:

  • User names are added to the database when a user signs on to the board (in the case of "Self-Sign-On" boards) or when the Manager Invites a new user to join the board (in the case of "By Invitation Only" boards). To invite a new user, just click the Invite New User button and enter the user's name and email address. The user will be sent an email with a generated password, and will be added to the database.

  • To Delete A User: Highlight the user's name in the list at left, then click the Delete User button.

  • To Edit A User's Record: Highlight the user's name in the list at left, then click the Edit User Record button.

Denying Access To Your Board:

    At times it may become necessary to prevent a user from visiting your board. For example, if a user persists in spamming the board with meaningless messages or persists in flaming other visitors.

    In this case you can deny access to the board by entering the user's Internet IP address (or a partial IP Address), or his or her email address (Private boards), into the IP & Email Addresses To Deny form, as shown below:

    You can add IP addresses or email addresses to this form in order to prevent a user from accessing your board.

    Important: Adding a partial IP address will deny access to any user whose IP address begins with the numbers you have entered.

    To discover a user's IP Address: When a user posts a message on your board, his or her IP Address is saved as part of the message. Use your Browser to display the message, then select "View Source" from your Browser's menu. The User's IP will appear as an HTML comment after the words "Posted By" as shown below:

"Posted by <!-->"

    Note the IP Address and add it to the above window. The user will be denied future access for as long as the IP remains in the Deny list.

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