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Adding A QuickMenu To Your Message Board

A Post-A-Board QuickMenu consists of a drop down list of links that visitors to your message board can click on, thus accessing related message boards or other Web pages.

An example of a QuickMenu is shown below:

To create a QuickMenu for your message board, click the Add/Edit QuickMenu Items link on the Management Control Panel.

A form will appear where you will enter the Title for the first QuickMenu Item and the URL for that item. An example is shown below:

  • Under Menu Item Text, enter the text that the user should see in the QuickMenu to identify this link.

  • Under Item URL, enter the full URL of the Web page that clicking on this Item will send the user's Browser to.

    Finally, click the Save New Item button and the QuickMenu Item you just entered will be added to the list of items and appear as shown below:

  • To Edit an existing QuickMenu Item, just make the changes you need and click the Save Changes button.

  • To Delete a QuickMenu Item, click the Delete button

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