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Creating A New Message Board:

From the Administration Panel click the New Board function button, and the Board Configuration page will appear as shown below:

To create a new message board, follow these steps:

    Enter a Board Descriptor: This will be a descriptive set of characters that will identify the new message board. The descriptor is also used as the folder name for the new board on your hard drive. Only letters or numbers are allowed as part of the descriptor. For example, a descriptor you might enter could be "MyBoard1". Remember that the descriptor will appear in the message board's Web URL.

    Select a Board Type: There are three Board Types available in Post-A-Board:

      Open Board: Open access to all visitors. Anyone can read or post messages on the board.

      Private Self-Sign-On: Access to the board is restricted to people who give a valid email address where they can be reached. After the user signs up for the board by entering a name and email address, he or she is automatically sent an email with a generated password to use for board access.

      Private By Invitation Only: Access to the board is restricted to people specifically invited to participate by the Board Manager. When invited, the user is is automatically sent an email with a generated password to use for board access.

    Only the Administrator can set the Board Type for a message board.

    Enter a Board Title: The Board Title will be displayed at the top of the message board. For Example, "My Message Board".

    The Notify Manager Check Box: If this box is checked when you save the new message board, an email will be sent to the Board Manager informing him or her that the message board is ready. This email will contain the Manager's User Name and Password, as well as URLs to the board's main page and the Board Management page.

    Enter the Manager's Password: Enter a password for Board Management, it must be between 4 and 20 characters in length. Enter the password again in the Confirm Password text box.

    Enter the Manager's First, Middle, and Last Names: First and Last Names must be entered, a Middle Name is optional.

    Enter the Manager's Email Address: The address you enter here must be a valid Internet Email address.

    Enter a Virtual Domain Name for the Board: If you wish Post-A-Board to generate URLs for this board and its Management Panel that reflect a virtual domain name on your server, enter that domain name here.

    Select Ad/Announcement Status for the Board: There are three Ad/Announcement settings possible for each message board you create:

      No Announcements: Icon Mini-Ads will not be displayed on this message board.

      Share Global Announcements: Icon Mini-Ads that you create from the Administration Panel will be displayed on this message board.

      Allow Private Announcements: Click this option to allow the Manager of the message board to create his or her own Icon Mini-Ads for display on his or her message board.

When you've filled in all of the necessary fields for the new board, click the Save Message Board button. The new message board will be created. A screen that will show you the Board information, including the URLs to the board itself and Board Management. Next you'll be returned to the Administration Panel.

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