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Managing Messages:

When you click the Message Management link on the Management Panel, the Message Management page will be displayed.

Here you can edit and delete messages, modify the settings for the built in Post-A-Board Expletive Filter, set up an Automatic Archive interval, and delete message archives.

Editing and Deleting Messages:

  • To Edit or Delete a message left on your message board, highlight the messages file name in the window at left. Now click the appropriate function button.

Message Board Settings:

  • Expletive Filter: Post-A-Board has a built-in "Expletive Filter" for filtering out unwanted language in messages before they are posted. Just choose the appropriate setting for your message board.

  • Archive Settings: The program automatically archives messages when the message list grows to a limit you specify. Archiving regularly improves the board download speed for visitors. You can choose to archive after 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 messages have been posted.

    After selecting your Expletive Filter setting and Archive setting, click the Apply Settings button to save your changes.

Deleting Old Archives:

  • As time passes you may wish to delete older message archives to conserve hard drive space. Select the archive you wish to delete from the list at left, then click the Delete Archive button.

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