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Management Settings Page:

On the Management Settings page you can change your Management Password and enter Email settings for automatic email to your users (in the case of Private message boards).

Changing Your Management Password:

  • Enter the new Password, then enter it again in Confirm Password text box.

  • Click the Change Password button to save the new password.

Entering Email Settings (For Private Boards only):

  • SMTP Mail Server: Enter the domain name or IP address of your mail server.

  • 'From' Email Address: Enter the email address that will be used in the email's "From" header.

  • 'From' Name: Enter the full name of the person from whom emails from Post-A-Board should be shown as being from.

  • Text To Append To Email Messages: Here you can enter text that will be sent with each email Post-A-Board sends to your users. Enter a blank line to separate paragraphs, etc..

  • Click the Change Email Settings button to save the new settings.

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