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Setting Up Your Post-A-Board Server:

The first time you run the Alert Post-A-Board, the Configuration Wizard will appear. You can also access the Wizard from the program's Administration Menu.

The Wizard consists of 3 short pages requesting information for the Post-A-Board Administrator account.

Here's what you'll need to enter:

    Administrator's Name: This will be the name of the person who will be acting as Post-A-Board Administrator. This name must be used to log into the Administrator Section to create and modify message board information. Example: "John Doe".

    Administrator's Password: Enter the Administrator's password here. The password can be from 4 to 20 characters in length.

    Confirm Password: Enter the password a second time to make sure it was entered correctly.

Now click the "Next" button and page 2 will appear:

    Primary Domain Name For Your System: Here you should enter the domain name used to access your server machine - IF you have a domain name. For example, "". If you don't have a domain name, leave this field blank and Post-A-Board will use your Internet IP address instead when creating links.

Click the "Next" button again, and page 3 will appear. On this page you'll need to enter SMTP Email server and address information so Post-A-Board can automatically email users and board Managers when necessary:

    SMTP Server Name or IP Address: Enter the domain name of your SMTP Mail server here. If you don't know what it is, look in your email program to find out. If you can find out the IP address of your mail server, enter that instead for faster automatic emailing. For example, "".

    Email Address for "From" Header: When Post-A-Board sends email to a Manager from the Administrator, this is the email address the email will come from. If you are Administrator enter your email address here. For example, "".

    Name for "From" Header: This is the name that email will appear to be from. Enter the full name, ie "John Doe".

Now click the "Finish" button, and the Alert Post-A-Board Server window will appear as shown below:

Click the "Open" Button next to the "Post-A-Board Administration" text box to begin your first session as Administrator. The Administration Panel will be opened in your default Web browser.

Note that the settings you entered into the Configuration Wizard can be modified by clicking "Administration" then "Settings" from the Post-A-Board Server Menu.

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