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The Alert Post-A-Board Web Server

The Alert Post-A-Board Message Board System operates from its own Web Server that accepts Browser connection requests on Port 2057 rather than the default Web Port, which is Port 80. Alert Post-A-Board thusly runs alongside your normal Web Server without any configuration changes being necessary to that server.

The Post-A-Board Server's "Web Root Folder" is in a subfolder off of the folder where you installed Post-A-Board. The name of the Web Root folder is "\boardweb".

The Server Interface:

The Alert Post-A-Board Server is shown below:

Server Functions:

    Post-A-Board Administration: The URL to your Web-based Post-A-Board Administration is displayed here, you can copy it to paste elsewhere, or click the "Open" button next to it to have Administration opened in your default browser.

    Active Message Boards: This is a drop-down list box that contains the Titles of all message board currently active on your Server. You can select a board and click "Open" to go directly to that board's Management page in your default browser.

    Activity Log: This window displays the various requests the server receives in log format.

Administration Menu Options:

    Settings: Displays the Admin settings dialog that contains the Administator information needed to run Post-A-Board.

    Configuration Wizard: Runs the Configuration Wizard for changing settings.

    Log Accesses To File: Enables logging of all accesses to a log file. The Log File will be saved in the "\boardweb\logs" folder in standard Web log format. Remember that if this option is turned on log files grow very fast. Use it only if you are trying to identify a problem.

    Minimize On Startup: When checked this option will cause the Post-A-Board Server to minimize itself after it initializes.

Other Notes:

    We strongly advise against modifying the Post-A-Board Web page templates directly. Any modifications will be lost when an update is installed.

    Do not create subfolders in the "\boardweb" Root Folder!

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