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Managing a Post-A-Board Message Board:

To enter your Message Board Management Panel, use your Browser to go to the URL provided by your Administrator for managing your message board.

Enter your Manager's User Name and Password as they were given to you by the Administrator. After you click "Enter", the Management Panel will appear as shown below:

The Board Management Command Links are explained below:

    Management Settings: Use this function to change your Management Password, and to enter SMTP Email information for emailing users - if your board is a Private board.

    Message Board Appearance: Click here to modify the appearance of your message board. You can change colors, add a title image, and specify a link and/or link image that will link the message board with your home page.

    Message Management: Use this function to set message filter and archive options, and to delete and edit messages.

    User Management: For Private message boards only, you can use this function to maintain your board's user database.

    Add/Edit Announcements or Ads: Allows you to add, edit, or delete Icon Mini-Ads for your board. Note that your board must be capable of displaying Mini-Ads, which is an option your board Administrator controls.

    Add/Edit QuickMenu Items: Allows you to add, edit, or delete QuickMenu links.

    Message Board Statistics: Displays the statistics for your message board.

    Go To Your Message Board: Clicking this link will take your browser to your message board.

For a detailed description of each function available on the Board Management Panel, click the name of the function above.

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