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Administrating Your Alert Post-A-Board Server:

To enter Post-A-Board Administration, click the "Open" Button next to the "Post-A-Board Administration" text box on the Server window. The Administration Panel will be opened in your default Web browser.

    NOTE: You can copy the link shown in the "Post-A-Board Administration" text box and add it to your bookmarks. This is the link you'll use access Administration.

Enter your Administrator's User Name and Password as you entered them into the Configuration Wizard (or as they are entered under Settings).

After you click "Enter", the Administration Panel will appear as shown below:

In the window at the left you'll see a list of the message boards currently on your system.

To the right are the function buttons for performing various functions. To use the function buttons, first select a message board from the list, then click the appropriate command function.

At the bottom of the panel are two function links.

The Function Buttons are:

    New Board: Brings up the New Board form so you can enter the information necessary to create a new message board.

    Edit Board: Allows you to edit the information for an existing message board.

    Open Board: Clicking this button will cause the selected message board to be opened so you can examine it.

    Management: Opens the Management Panel for the selected message board, allowing you to perform board Manager tasks.

    Board Stats: Displays a statistics page for the selected message board.

    Delete Board: Click this to delete the selected message board (Warning, there is no Undo for this function).

The Function Links are:

For a detailed description of each function available on the Administration Panel, click the name of the function above.

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