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Your Post-A-Board Message Board System is Administered, Managed, and Used almost entirely through a Web Browser. The system is made up of three "functional usage levels". They are:

  1. ADMINISTRATION: When you install Alert Post-A-Board on your server, you will set up the Post-A-Board Administrator account (likely with yourself). As Administrator you can create as many message boards as your copy is licensed for, modify and delete any Message Board within the system, and also perform the functions of any board Manager.

  2. Message Board MANAGEMENT: Each message board created by the Administrator will have a Manager (sometimes referred to as a 'moderator'). A Manager can modify the appearance of his or her board, delete or edit messages, and, in the case of private boards, invite users and maintain the board user database.

  3. Message Board USERS: Message board users can read and post messages, and, in the case of private boards, change their password.

Use the Menu at left to find help on operating the level you intend to use Post-A-Board at.

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