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Administration Settings Page:

On the Administration Settings page you can change your Administrative Password and enter Email settings for automatic email to your message board Managers.

Changing Your Administrative Password:

  • Enter the new Password, then enter it again in Confirm Password text box.

  • Click the Change Password button to save the new password.

Entering Email Settings:

  • SMTP Mail Server: Enter the domain name or IP address of your mail server.

  • 'From' Email Address: Enter the email address that will be used in the email's "From" header.

  • 'From' Name: Enter the full name of the Administrator from whom emails will be sent.

  • Text To Append To Email Messages: Here you can enter text that will be sent with each email Post-A-Board sends to your users. Enter a blank line to separate paragraphs, etc..

  • Click the Change Email Settings button to save the new settings.

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