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Displaying Announcements or Advertisements

Alert Post-A-Board message boards can display what we call "Icon Mini-Ads" at the top of each board. Icon Mini-Ads consist of an icon image, a Title, descriptive Text, and a URL.

Icon Mini-Ads can be used to display advertisements or simple announcements. Each can be linked to a different Web page or Site, and statistics on Click-thrus are kept for each Icon Mini-Ad.

Below is an example of an Icon Mini-Ad as it appears at the top of a message board:

As Post-A-Board Administrator, you can create Global Icon Mini-Ads. They will be displayed on any board that has the "Share Global Announcements" option checked on the Board Configuration page (See Create A New Board for information on how to set a board to display Global Mini-Ads).

To add Global Icon Mini-Ads for display on message boards set to display them:

  • Click the Add/Edit Global Announcements link on the Administration Panel.

  • The page that appears will list any Icon Mini-Ads that already exist. Scroll to the bottom form that says "Add New Announcement or Advertisement" as shown below:

  • Fill in the following fields:

      URL Of Icon: Enter the full URL to a 50 X 50 pixel image to be used for this Mini-Ad. If the image is a different size, it will be resized to 50 X 50 when it is displayed on the message board. Alternatively, you can put an Icon image in the Post-A-Board "\boardweb" folder on your hard drive, and enter only "/adimage.gif", where "adimage" is the actual name of the image file. To use the Default Icon (a pointing hand), leave this field blank.

      Title: This should be a short description of what you are advertising. The title will be hyperlinked to the destination URL.

      Site URL: The full Internet URL of the site to send the user's Browser to when he or she clicks on this Mini-Ad.

      URL Target: The target Window in which to display the destination site, in case your message board is displayed within an HTML Frame. Select "Blank" to force the advertised site to be loaded into a new Browser window.

      Descriptive Text: Further text to describe the object of the Mini-Ad. Again, keep this descriptive text very short and to the point.

  • With all of the fields filled out, and your Target selection made, click the Save New Announcement button and your new Icon Mini-Ad will be saved. It will be added to the list and shown as follows:

    To edit an existing Mini-Ad, make your changes to the ad in the list and click the Save Changes button.

    To Delete an existing Ad, click the Delete button on the Ad in the list.

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