Alert LinkRunner Features

Keep your Web site under control: Alert LinkRunner is a focused, easy-to-use link validation utility that allows you to fix dead links and locate missing resources. It's intuitive interface means you don't have to learn another complicated application to check your site - or re-learn one every time you perform periodic Site maintenance.

  • Validate links in a single Web page or in an entire Enterprise Web at once with a just few clicks of your mouse. Periodic maintenance and reports are a cinch with LinkRunner.

  • Check your site live on the Internet or locally from your hard drive.

    • Fast Internet Link Checking: Alert LinkRunner first downloads the Web page containing the hyperlinks you want to check, then contacts each link and retrieves the linked document's header to see if the link is valid.

    • Even Faster Local Link Checking: Your pages are scanned for hyperlinks, images tags, and other resources, the existence of which is confirmed either locally or over the Internet.

  • Schedule Link-Checking to take place entirely automatically using Windows Task Sheduler or any other scheduling software. Version 6.0 runs silently in the background when you need it, and even emails your reports for you before closing.

  • LinkRunner's Enterprise Link Checking ability completely automates the process of checking multiple pages and Web sites, generating complete separate or combined reports for each.

  • Validate Web hyperlinks, images, plug-ins and more: Alert LinkRunner also validates FTP hyperlinks.

  • Works hand-in-hand with your Browser and HTML Editor: View your documents and links in your choice of Browsers. Documents with questionable links can be loaded directly into your favorite editor for quick repair.

  • 'View Questionable Links Only' feature allows you to locate and repair problems without having to wade through your entire Web site.

  • Built-in Powerful Search Functions to help you use your browser to repair outside links that may have moved or expired. You're a click away from the major Search Engines or Internic's Whois Database.

  • On-Screen Page-by-Page Display of all the links in each document, simply right-click on a link to visit it, search on its URL or Link Text, or load the document the link points to into Alert LinkRunner.

  • Save Alert LinkRunner Reports in multiple formats with Alert LinkRunner Pro: formal text reports; comma-delimited reports; or save your reports as HTML Web pages.

  • View and Manage Alert LinkRunner Reports using the intuitive Reports Manager and Viewer.

  • Email LinkRunner Reports to anyone directly from the program.

  • Built-in HTTP Status Code table so you can easily look up errors and fix them.

  • There's More To Know... Download LinkRunner today.

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