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Click to 'Remember Old Glory'..."I have purchased two versions of LinkRunner and absolutely love them. I have 5 homepages, one with over 250 pages and would never be able to check all the links without your wonderful program. Not only is it wonderful, it is such a good buy compared to other link checker programs....and so much easier to use." - Gloria M.

Alert LinkRunner 6.0 is the powerful award-winning utility that automatically checks the validitiy of hyperlinks on any Web page, Web site, or across an entire Enterprise Network. LinkRunner Version 6.0 can check your Web site links automatically on the Internet or directly from your local disk drive.

In addition to identifying broken links and missing Web site resources, LinkRunner also implements an extensive set of tools and features that make the job of repairing bad links as easy as possible for individual site or Web Enterprise.

As a Webmaster, you know that few things annoy Web surfers more than sites with links that go nowhere, or sites that contain ugly broken images and missing resources. An irritated surfer could be a lost customer, but with periodic maintenance using Alert LinkRunner your site can continue running as smoothly as the first time you uploaded it. Download the Free Trial Version of LinkRunner today.


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Are you getting "400 Bad Request" Errors? Delete any "User Agent" information in the "Authorization" section of the Database Wizard. See the Revision History for more.

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