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The Browse Window

This simple yet powerful window allows you to visit selected bookmarks very efficiently. You can access the Browse Window by selecting bookmarks and selecting 'Browse/Batch Edit Bookmarks' from the 'Tools' section of the Group PopUp Menu, or by first selecting bookmarks and clicking 'Browse Selected Bookmarks' in the Palette Window.

Browsing The Bookmarks:

After clicking the Browse button from either of the locations mentioned above, the Browse Window will appear in the upper-right hand corner of your screen as shown below:

Once you've started browsing the bookmarks, the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons become active, as well as the 'Edit' button.

To edit the bookmark you're currently browsing, click the 'Edit' button and the Bookmark Editor will appear. You can edit the bookmarks Title, URL, and Comments while browsing. A great way to review Web sites!

If you don't want to visit the sites you are browsing but only want to edit their bookmarks, check the 'Edit Only' check box. If you decide to open the bookmark, you'll still be able to by clicking the 'Open' button.

Click the 'Close' button when you're finished, and the Alert Bookmarks toolbar will reappear.

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