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Arranging Bookmarks Within Group Menus using Drag & Drop

To organize and rearrange bookmarks and menus in Alert Bookmarks, you can use the PopUp Menu's Cut, Copy, and Paste functions, or use the drag & drop method described below:

Moving Bookmarks Within A Group Menu:

Drag & drop in Alert Bookmarks requires that you hold down the CTRL [Control] key when you 'pick up' and then as you drag the items you're moving. Step by step:

  • Select the bookmarks you want to move by holding down CTRL and clicking on them one at a time.

  • When all of the Bookmarks have been selected, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard.

  • Place the mouse pointer over the bookmark or selected bookmarks you wish to move.

  • Click your left mouse button and hold it down.

  • With the left mouse button still held down, 'drag' the bookmark or Subtitle to its new location and 'drop' it there. While you're dragging, the mouse pointer image changes to that of a book.

Moving Selected Bookmarks To Another Group:

  • Follow the instructions above for dragging, but this time drag the bookmark or selected bookmarks over the Group Button for the Group Menu you want to move it to, and that Menu will open.

  • Now drag the icon over the list of bookmarks to the location where you want to insert the moved bookmarks, and drop them there.

    These two steps are illustrated below:


Re-Arranging Bookmark Group Menus:

  • Follow the instructions below to move a Group Menu to a different position within a Bookmark Bar. Remember to start dragging the menu at its top, where the Menu Title is displayed in red.

Moving A Bookmark Or Subtitle To Another BAR:

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