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The Alert Bookmarks Search Window

You'll soon find that it's so easy to add bookmarks to your program that locating obtuse ones can be difficult. The Search Window, however, makes locating any bookmark easy.

The Search Window appears as shown below:

Searching Alert Bookmarks:

To initiate a search of your bookmarks:

  • Enter the phrase to search for in the text box under the words "Term To Search For:"

  • From the "Search:" option buttons, choose whether to search for Bookmark Bars, Group Button Names, or Bookmarks.

  • If you're searching for Bookmarks, choose from the bookmarks option buttons whether to search the bookmark Titles, URLs, or Comments for your search phrase.

  • Click the 'Search' button or hit Enter on your keyboard.

If your phrase is found, the items that match it will be listed in the Search Window.

Other Search Window Functions:

Once your search has located bookmarks, the following controls are available:

  • Show Bar (Bar or Group Menu Name Search): If you searched for a Bookmark Bar or Group Menu Name, first select an item that was returned by the search, then click this button to cause the corresponding Bookmark Bar to be displayed.

  • Go To URL (Bookmark Search): First select a bookmark that the search returned, then click this button to cause the corresponding Web page to be loaded into your browser.

  • Edit This Item (Bookmark Search): Selecting a bookmark and clicking this button will cause the bookmarks Group Menu to be displayed with the bookmark loaded into the Bookmark Editor.

  • Transfer To Bookmark Palette (Bookmark Search): Clicking this button will add all the matching bookmarks to the Bookmark Palette and display it if it isn't already displayed.

  • Search For Duplicate URLs: Provides a rudimentary search of all Bookmark Bars and displays any duplicate bookmarks (URLs) that are found.

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