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Using The Power Palette

The Palette Window is a bookmark organization tool. It temporarily stores bookmarks so you can move them between Bookmark Bars and Group Menus, collect them for emailing to a friend - or so you can create HTML files and save them. You can also import, edit, browse, sort, copy, and save bookmarks from the Palette Window.

To access the Palette Window:

  • Select 'Bookmark Palette' from the Main Menu...

The Palette Window also appears when you copy/move bookmarks from a Group Menu.

The Palette Window appears as shown below:

Adding Bookmarks To The Palette:

There are several ways to add bookmarks to the Palette Window:

  • You can Import Bookmarks from an HTML document, browser, or scan the current Web page that your browser is displaying for Bookmarks.


  • From a Bookmark Group Menu, select the bookmarks you want to add to the Palette, click on one of the selected bookmarks using your right mouse button, then select Copy/Move To Palette from the Popup menu and all the selected bookmarks in that menu will be added to the Palette Window.


  • From a Bookmark Group Menu, select the bookmarks you want to add to the Palette, then CTRL+DRAG the selected bookmarks to the open Palette. Remember: To use drag & drop in Alert Bookmarks you need to hold down the CTRL [Control] key as you click, drag, & drop.


  • From the Search Window, click the 'Transfer To Bookmark Palette' button and all of the bookmarks in the Search Window will be added to the Palette.

Bookmarks in the Palette are shown with the bookmark Title at left and the bookmark's corresponding Web URL shown at right. Note that Group Menu Subtitles are represented by the word [SUBTITLE] and do not have a URL associated with them.

Selecting Bookmarks In The Palette:

Most Palette functions require you to 'select' the bookmarks you want to work with. Selected bookmarks will show up as highlighted.

  • To select one bookmark, click on it once with your left mouse button.

  • To select multiple bookmarks, hold down the CTRL key as you click on each with the left mouse button.

  • To select several bookmarks that appear one after the other, click the first bookmark then the last bookmark while holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard.

  • To select all of the bookmarks currently in the Palette, choose that 'Select All' command from the Edit Menu.

  • To select bookmarks using a keyword, choose 'Select By Keyword' from the Edit Menu, then enter your keyword in the window that appears and click the 'Okay' button. All bookmarks that contain the keyword will be selected.

  • To select only duplicate bookmarks, choose 'Select Duplicates' from the Edit Menu.

The Palette Window shown with alternating bookmarks Selected.

Important Note: Clicking a selected bookmark using the right mouse button will allow you to edit that bookmark in the Bookmark Editor.

Palette Controls And Functions:

After placing bookmarks in the Alert Bookmarks Palette Window, here's what the various Menu commands do:

    File Menu

    • New (Clear Palette): Clears the Palette of all Bookmarks.

    • Save As HTML: Causes a file dialog to appear so that the selected bookmarks can be saved to an HTML file - to reload the file into the Palette simply use the 'Import Bookmarks From File' option from the File Menu.

    • Upload Bookmarks As HTML: Allows you to upload Palette bookmarks to a Web site as a Web Page. Click here for more information on uploading bookmarks.

    • Import Bookmarks From File: Select this option and use the file window that appears to find the HTML file you wish to Import bookmarks from, then click 'Okay'.

    • Scan Current Web Page For Bookmarks: This option also causes Alert Bookmarks to scan a Web page, but this time Alert downloads and scans the page currently displayed in your browser. Select this option and Alert Bookmarks will add all of the URLs from the page to the Palette. From there you can add the ones you want to a Group Menu.

    • Import External Bookmarks: If you prefer to use the Palette for importing and distributing your Browser bookmarks, use this option. You can also Import your Browser bookmarks directly into a Toolbar using the Bookbar Control Panel.

    • Close: Closes the Palette Window.

    Edit Menu

    • Edit Bookmark: Allows you to edit the currently selected bookmark.

    • Email Bookmarks: Allows you to email the currently selected bookmarks to a friend or associate.

    • Open Bookmark In Browser: Sends the current bookmark to your browser so you can visit that Web page.

    • Copy: Copies the selected bookmarks to the Windows Clipboard in HTML Hyperlink format.

    • Copy URLs: Copies the selected URLs only to the Windows Clipboard.

    • Delete: Deletes the selected bookmarks from the Palette.

    • Select All: Click this button to select or de-select all of the bookmarks currently in the Palette Window

    • Select Duplicates: Causes Alert to select any URL currently in the Palette that is a duplicate of another URL.

    • Select By Keyword: Causes Alert to select any URL that contains a keyword phrase that you enter.

    View Menu

    • Titles & URLs: Displays Palette bookmarks in two columns, the first with the bookmark Title and the second column displaying the bookmark URL.

    • URLs Only: Displays only the bookmark URLs in the Palette Window.

      NOTE: If you are in 'URLs Only' mode sorting will take place based on the URLs. Otherwise Titles will be used for sorting bookmarks.

    Options Menu

    • Sort Ascending: Sorts the bookmarks (by their Title) in ascending order.

    • Sort Descending: Sorts the bookmarks (by their Title) in descending order.

    • Browse Selected Bookmarks: If only one bookmark is selected when you click this button, that bookmark will be opened in your browser. If multiple bookmarks are selected, the Alert Bookmarks Browse Window will open and all the selected bookmarks will be added to it.

The Palette Toolbar:

Transferring Bookmarks From The Palette:

To move Palette bookmarks to a Group Menu, simply select the bookmarks you want to move, drag them over the location in the Group Menu where you want them to be, and drop them there.

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