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The Alert Bookmarks Main Menu

The Main Menu provides access to the major functions of Alert Bookmarks. Each function is described below:

  • Minimize: Causes the toolbar to be minimized on your Windows taskbar.

  • Activate Browser: Causes a popup menu to appear from which you can select one of your installed Web browsers. If the browser is already running, clicking on its name will cause the browser window to come to the front, otherwise Alert Bookmarks will launch the browser you selected.

  • Bookbar Control Panel: Displays the controls you can use to rename, re-arrange, and share bookmark bars. Click here for more information on using the Bookbar Control Panel.

  • Search For Item: Displays the Alert Bookmarks Search Window. This window can also be accessed by clicking the Main Menu Button with the right mouse button. Click here for more information on using the Search Window.

  • Select Browser: Alert Bookmarks supports the Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and many other browsers. Selecting this option will display a file window where you can add the location of the browsers you have installed and select which browser you wish to use.

    Alert Bookmarks will remember the location of the browser and run it for you if you click on a bookmark and the browser isn't running. In program Preferences, you can also tell Alert to run your browser when Alert itself is started. Click here for details on adding and selecting browsers.

  • Preferences: Displays the Alert Bookmarks Preferences window where you can select various options to customize how Alert Bookmarks works for you. Click here for more information on the Preferences window.

  • Move To Bottom: Causes your Alert Bookmarks Toolbar to be displayed at the bottom of your screen rather than the top. If your Toolbar is already at the bottom of your screen, this option will read "Move To Top".

  • Exit: Terminates Alert Bookmarks.

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