On-Line Manual

Visiting Bookmarked Web Pages

To Send Your Browser To A Bookmarked Web Page:

  • Move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen so that the Alert Bookmarks Toolbar drops down.

  • Move your mouse over one of the Group Buttons on the toolbar.

  • The Group Menu for that button will drop down. Move your mouse pointer over the list of bookmarks and double-click on one on them.

  • If your browser isn't running, it Alert Bookmarks will launch it.

  • Alert Bookmarks will then send the bookmarked address to your browser, and the browser will display that Web page.

Users Of AOL, CompuServe, Netscape 6, And Other Browsers Set Up For Mouse Activated Copy & Paste:

  • Follow the instructions above, however after you click on the bookmark a red window called the Coordinates Tool will appear, as shown below:

  • Make sure the cross hairs on the Coordinates Tool are over the middle of your browser's 'Address' or 'Location' text box (the place where you type in Web address or keywords by hand') as shown below:

  • If the Tool doesn't come up with the cross hairs over the box, you can use your mouse to click anywhere on it and drag it there.

  • When the Coordinates Tool is over the browser's 'Address' box as shown, click the 'Location Is Correct' button on the tool and your bookmarked pages address will be pasted there.


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