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Miscellaneous Notes and Functions:

The Bookmark Mailer: You can email bookmarks to friends and associates using the Alert Bookmarks Bookmark Mailer. The Bookmark Mailer window is shown below:

To send bookmarks, you need to enter your email information at the top of the window - but you'll only need to enter it once. The fields you need to fill in to email bookmarks are:

    SMTP Mail Server: Enter your mail server's domain name or IP address here. To find out what your mail server's name is, look in the settings of your regular email client program.

    'From' Name: Enter the name you want the email to be shown as 'From' when it arrives.

    'From' Email Address: Enter your email address here.

    Subject: Type in a subject for this email.

    Mail To: Type the email address of the person you are sending bookmarks to. You'll only have to type it once, Alert will remember it for future use.

    Copy To: In this box all the email address you have entered in the past will appear. You can highlight as many addresses as you want in this box and a copy of the message (and the bookmarks) will go to each address that you have highlighted. To delete one or more email addresses permanently from the 'Copy To' list box, highlight the bookmark Titles you want to delete, then hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard.

    Bcc: If this box is checked Alert Bookmarks will "Blind Copy" the addresses in the 'Copy To' list box. Blind copying prevents each recipient from seeing what other email addresses your message was sent to.

    Message Text: Enter any text you want to include with your bookmarks. The text you enter here will appear at the top of the email message that will be sent with your bookmarks.

    Bookmarks: The bookmarks you selected to send appear in this list box. To delete one or more from the list, highlight the bookmark Titles you want to delete, then hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard.

    Include Comments: If this box is checked, any Comments you have entered about the bookmarks you are sending will be included in the email.

To send your bookmarks after entering all the necessary information, just click 'Send'.

Starting Alert Bookmarks with a Command Line URL Argument:

You can specify a URL for Alert Bookmarks to load when it is started by entering the URL as a Command Line Argument in a Windows Shortcut. Here's how:

  • After creating a Windows Shortcut to your copy of Alert Bookmarks, left-click on the Shortcut's Icon and click 'Properties' in the resulting popup menu.

  • Click the 'Shortcut' Tab on the Properties Window that appears.

  • In the 'Target' field of the Properties Window, type the URL after the Alert Bookmarks program path and file name (in quotation marks), as show below:

  • Click 'OK' on the Properties Window. Now when you start Alert Bookmarks using this particular Shortcut, Alert will automatically send your browser to the URL you entered.

Important Note: You can also force your copy of Alert Bookmarks to ignore any start up page you may have set up in 'Preferences' by creating a Windows Shortcut to Alert and entering the word 'None' as a command line argument as shown below:

With 'None' as a command line argument, Alert will ignore the startup page you specified in the Alert Bookmarks 'Preferences' Window.

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