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Adjusting Program Preferences

You can adjust the way Alert Bookmarks appears and behaves from the Preferences Window. Each option available is explained below:

  • Keep Alert Bookmarks On Top Of Other Windows: If this option is checked the Alert Bookmarks toolbar and windows will always be shown on top of the windows of other programs you have running. If unchecked you can bring Alert Bookmarks to the front by clicking on the program icon located on the Windows Taskbar System Tray.

  • Enable Mouse-Over Display:

    • Display Comments: Causes the first 40 characters of any bookmark comments to be displayed when the mouse pointer is held over a bookmark in a Group Menu.

    • Display Bookmark Title & URL: Causes the Title and URL address of any bookmark to be displayed when the mouse pointer is held over a bookmark in a Group Menu.

  • Launch Browser on Startup: If this box is checked, Alert will run your browser immediately after Alert itself has been started.

  • Start Page: In the 'Start Page' field you can enter a Web page address that Alert will load into the browser if you wish. If the 'Start Page' field is left blank, your browser will load the default Home page you selected in the browser's preferences.

  • Path For Saving Alert Bookmarks Data Files: Use the 'Browse' button next to this field to locate the folder where you want Alert to store its data files. The default folder is the \BOOKMARK\ directory off of your Alert Bookmarks program directory.

  • Enable Toolbar Password Protection: Click here for instructions on using password protection in Alert Bookmarks.

  • Menu Font: Click "Use Small Font" to use a smaller font set in Alert Group Menus.

  • Bookbar Access Control Options: You can use a combination of these options that control what action on your part causes the Alert Bookmarks toolbar to drop down (or up). You can even set the program so the Group Menus will drop without pushing the corresponding Group Button. Just the mouse pointer moving over the button will cause the Group Menu to open.

  • Bookbar Color Control: Click the color you'd like the Alert Bookmarks toolbar to display itself in, then click 'Okay'.

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