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Getting Started

Alert Bookmarks uses a unique interface (the way you interact with the program) in order to make it as fast, as intuitive, and as unobtrusive as possible while you surf the Internet.

The first thing to do after installing the program is to familiarize youself with how Alert Bookmarks works. After a day or so of use you'll get the knack of using the program.

The Drop Down Toolbar:

The toolbar is made to stay out of your way when you're not using it. In its retracted position it consists of a narrow red strip barely visible at the top of your screen. To cause the toolbar to "drop" so you can use it, you just move your mouse pointer over the red part of the narrow strip.

The retracted toolbar...

... and after moving the mouse over it.

Note: You can cause the toolbar to drop (or not drop) by other means by adusting the program Preferences.

Retracting The Toolbar

To Retract the toolbar without selecting an item from the menus:

  • Left-click on the "X" that appears on upper right-hand corner of the Menus.

  • If you have the Auto-Hide feature enabled in Preferences, just move your mouse pointer away from the toolbar and menus, the toolbar will retract in a second or two.

Parts Of The Toolbar:

  • The Main Menu button will cause the Alert Bookmarks Main Menu to appear, allowing you to select major functions - and to exit the program.

  • The red Bookbar Indicator tells you which bookmark bar you are currently using. You can give bookmark bars whatever names you see fit to help make your bookmarks easy to find. Click on the Bookbar Indicator to access the Bookbar Control Panel.

  • The Rotation Control allows you to move from one bookmark bar to the next, one at a time. The name in the Bookbar Indicator will change as you do.

  • Bookmark Group Buttons represent the Group Menus that appear when you click on, or move your mouse pointer over, the buttons.

Bar Functions At A Glance:

The Bookmark Group Menus:

  • Your bookmarks themselves are stored in the 'Group Menus' that you access using the Group Buttons.

  • To go to a Web page represented by one of the bookmarks in the Group Menu, just double-click on that bookmark using your left mouse button.

  • To access editing and other functions for the Group Menu, right-click on the Title bar of the Group Menu with your mouse.

  • To access editing and other functions for the Bookmarks in the Group Menu, right-click on any Bookmark with your mouse or use the Group Menu Shortcut Buttons.

  • To close the Group Menu without clicking on a bookmark, click on the red "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the Group Menu, and the menu will disappear.

  • See the Group Menu help page for more information on the buttons here - and to find out how to organize your Group Menus.

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