Program Features

Simplicity, Speed, & Power

  • Use with any Web browser - Set your bookmarks free!

  • New built-in Bookmark Validator for checking bookmarks
  • Upload your bookmarks so they're available anywhere
  • Holds up to 140,000 bookmarks in each Bookmark directory
  • Instant Auto-Hide feature
  • Rotating Index Format
  • Power Palette lets you Collect & Collate Bookmarks
  • Sort bookmarks at the touch of a button
  • Password protect your bookmarks
  • Import from your Browser
  • Import bookmarks directly from any Web Page
  • Powerful Search capability
  • Save bookmarks in many formats
  • Re-arrange Toolbars to suit your needs
  • Highly configurable - yet so easy to use!

All you do is visit a Web page, click the 'Add' icon, and the page address is remembered forever. To re-visit the link you added, click on it's name in the drop-down menu, and Alert Bookmarks will send the address to your browser for you. Be sure to view the Screen Shots...

Exceptionally Alert Features:

Rotatable Toolbar: There's plenty of space for all the links you can store in the registered version of Alert Bookmarks.

Import your current Netscape or Explorer bookmarks at the touch of a button. Even export Alert Bookmarks to your browser.

Not Just Web Bookmarks! Email addresses, sound files, FTP URLs, and many other Web files can be bookmarked.

Password Protect Your Bookmarks: Protect bookmarks from other users on your computer Lock out adult content and more!

Configurability: You can name the Group Buttons and add subheadings yourself to help you keep organized.

Add As Many As You Need: Alert Bookmarks' unique way of storing bookmarks lets you add plenty, find them later with a powerful Search.

Alert Bookmarks is a retractable toolbar that stays out of the way until you need it. Your favorite Web site addresses are stored in readily accessible, drop-down menus. Alert Bookmarks automatically adds Links by communicating with you browser.

We Think Alert Bookmarks Is
The Best There Is. We're Sure You'll Agree!

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