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These are answers to the most common questions we receive about Alert Bookmarks. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please email and we'll get back to you within 2 business days (usually much sooner).

If you've hit a problem, be sure to check the Revision History to see if it has been fixed in the current version.

I'm using the new Windows Internet Explorer 7. Alert Bookmarks is opening a separate window every time I click on a bookmark. What do I do?

From the Main Menu, choose "Select Browser". Next the entry for "Microsoft Internet Explorer", click the "Modify" button.

In STEP 2 of the window that appears, change the "Name of the browser as it appears in the Title Bar" from "Microsoft Internet Explorer" to simply "Internet Explorer".

This is necessary because Alert uses the browser's Title Bar to identify the browser window. Microsoft has used "Windows Internet Explorer" in version 7, for some reason. Changing the Title to "Internet Explorer" fixes this issue.



I'm suddenly getting a Windows error message when I try to start Alert Bookmarks OR I can't change the file name from "Untitled" when I try to save.

Both of these these problems are usually caused by the installation of another program on your computer. During installation the program overwrites a DLL or other library file that Alert needs.

To correct the problem:

  • Download & Install a new version of Alert over your old version. This will insure that the latest DLLs are on your machine.

  • Versions later than 7.0 should address the latter problem.



How can I Import my Netscape Address Book email addresses into Alert Bookmarks?

Follow the steps outlined in this help file for Importing Netscape bookmarks, but scan the file called "ADDRESS.HTM" that Netscape uses to store your Address Book.



Can I export my bookmarks into Netscape?


  • Click 'Export As HTML' from the Alert Bookmarks Bookmark Control Panel.

  • In the file window that appears, enter a name for the HTML file your current Bookmark Bar will be saved to. Click 'OK'.

  • In Netscape, bring up your Netscape bookmarks window and select 'Import' from the 'File' menu.

  • In the file window that appears, locate the HTML file you saved your Bookmark Bar, highlight it, and click 'Open' to import the file into Netscape.

The format of your Bookbar will be imported into Netscape intact, however any comments and dates will be lost.



How do I remove the Alert Bookmarks Trial Version from my system?

Windows provides built-in uninstall functionality. To remove Alert automatically, follow the instructions found here.



How do I back up the bookmarks I collect in Alert?

Your bookmarks are stored in several files that are located in a folder called "Bookmark". This folder is in the same folder you chose for Alert Bookmarks when you installed the program. If you chose the default installation folder, your bookmarks will be in the folder:

  • "[drive:]\program files\Alert Bookmarks\Bookmark\"

To backup your bookmarks, copy the entire "Bookmark" folder to a different drive or a floppy disk.

[NOTE: You can also back up your bookmarks by using the Control Panel's "Export As Alert Shared File" option. Click here for instructions.]


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